Life Trials: How Insurance Protects You In Times Of Trouble

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What types of resident unit manager insurance are available?

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A resident unit manager is likely to require liability insurance to protect themselves against any claim for damages that they may be found liable for. The type of indemnity insurance they need will vary depending upon the nature of the units and their residents, but it is likely to be a combination of public liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance and possibly employers liability insurance as well. In order to properly utilise resident unit manager insurance, the manager should be familiar with the different types of liability insurance. Read More»

3 Useful Tips for Consulting Firms When Buying Professional Indemnity Insurance

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Consultants such as accountants, lawyers and financial advisers offer services in exchange for fees. However, during such a transaction, another party might suffer losses or damages be it financially, emotionally or their reputation.  In this sense, a legal liability will arise due to the alleged consultant’s error of omission or acts of negligence when rendering such a service. Also, failure to provide a service as may have been agreed between a consultant and another party, can form a ground for legal liability. Read More»

As an Employer, What Kind of New Workers Compensation Challenges Could Be Ahead?

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While the legal system that surrounds workers compensation may be based on relatively settled law, this doesn’t mean that every case should be cut and dried. In fact, many changes have been made to the legislation since it was first introduced. Consider that this system was derived from 19th century British law (which sought to determine who should be compensated due to injuries sustained at work back then) and you can imagine how much this environment has changed since. Read More»

4 Times You Need to Call Your Insurance Agent

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You might know that you need to call your truck insurance agent after you get into an accident, but there are also many other times when it is a good idea. Here are some different incidents when it is a good idea to give them a call. Your Home Situation Changes There are a few different things regarding your home situation that might warrant a call to your car insurance company. Read More»

Why You Should Insure Your Online Business

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In a world with an increasing trend towards a focus on internet-based businesses, it is becoming more important to insure your online company as you may be unknowingly exposed to a vast number of risks. This is a very niche market in the area of business insurance and finding the right policy for you can be a struggle. A few hours of research will pay dividends, though, and give you the peace of mind of covering the myriad risks which you are exposed to when running an e-business. Read More»