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4 Times You Need to Call Your Insurance Agent

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You might know that you need to call your truck insurance agent after you get into an accident, but there are also many other times when it is a good idea. Here are some different incidents when it is a good idea to give them a call.

Your Home Situation Changes

There are a few different things regarding your home situation that might warrant a call to your car insurance company. First of all, if you move to a new location, you need to let your insurance company know right away. The location of your home can actually have an impact on your insurance premium because if you live somewhere with a lower crime rate, your risk goes down, and you might get a discount. On the other hand, if you move somewhere with a higher crime or vehicle theft rate, you might be paying more. You should also let the insurance company know if the people you live with changes, whether someone moves out or moves in. This changes since someone might be borrowing your truck and that needs to be reflected on the policy.

You Have Installed Safety Equipment

When you first get your truck insurance policy, you might miss out on a discount by not having any safety equipment, such as a car alarm or GPS tracker installed. However, if at a later date this changes and you get a brand new truck alarm, you need to let your insurance agent know. They might be able to get you a discount by having the safety equipment. The type of discount often depends on what your truck theft risk was before and the type of device you now have.

Someone Else Is Driving Your Truck

You should also consider calling your insurance agent if there is someone else who has been borrowing your truck, or a situation has changed where they will likely be borrowing it in the near future. For example, you might have a teenager who just got his driver's license and will now be using your truck until you can buy him his own car. Another situation is where your spouse or someone else living with you previously had their own vehicle, but it has since broken down, and they need to drive your truck until they get it repaired. You need to add these people to your policy, even if it is a temporary coverage for them.

Your Vehicle Will Be Out of Commission

If you aren't going to be driving your truck at all for a while, call your insurance agent. You might be able to adjust your policy and save some money on the premium while it isn't being driven. This might be due to a truck that needs serious repairs and you won't be fixing it for a while, or a truck being stored while you go on an extended vacation.